The different types you can rent online

The best choice without a doubt is to sail, as we have discussed in numerous articles before. The freedom to choose your nearest destination and luxury travel is more than just a reason to opt for sailboat rental. But there's another problem, and that's the choice of the boat that best suits your needs.

Bareboat, skippered or full crew

The three possibilities of bareboat, skippered or full crew are present, so first of all, we will cover everything that these options bring to the table. You will skipp the boat by yourself, but you and your fellow travelers will have the boat for all of you if you select the bareboat option. By selecting the skipper's boat choice, a captain will take care of daily operations on-board during your voyage and will guide you to the destinations you want. The full crewed choice is the most comfortable as you will not only have a skipper on board but also other crew members who take care of sailing and seafaring.


A monohull sailboat is the simplest alternative you have. This is your classical configuration for the sailboat with just one hull, unlike a catamaran with two hulls and a linked deck. While a monohull sailboat is less spacious than a catamaran, it is still quite spacious and can be equipped with a full cookie (often 2-6 cabins). These boats are suitable for using wind power to reduce your fuel costs during your trip. A monohull is not as agile as a motorboat, but is faster than an unrivaled catamaran. The monohulls really shine during rough seas because their architecture improves their twists and navigation through narrow channels and smaller spaces even more easily.

A monohull is also much easier to dock when docking, takes less room, and is less expensive. Monohulls are the perfect choice for people who want to go to the bareboat, with friends or their families, without getting any trouble with the disadvantages of lower space and a few rocking monohulls.

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