Wine travel to Bordeaux, Bourgogne, or South East of France !

French vineyards of Bordeaux, Burgundy and south-east are the three most famous vineyards in France !

The vineyards of Bordeaux

Who does not know the name of Bordeaux thanks to wines? The notoriety of the Bordeaux vineyards is well established. This reputation forged by the Romans until the 18th century ! Exceptional castles emerged gradually from nothingness from the 17th century: Margaux, Latour, Mouton-Rothschild, Lafite... These legendary wines that can be found on the tables of the great best restaurants ! The geological diversity of Bordeaux has a lot to do with quality and complexity of the wines. But, there is also a very big tradition of the breeding of wines, that brings to wines a completely particular bouquet and a capacity of outstanding guard !

The vineyards of Burgundy

Clos, thousands of "climates", hundred designations of origin ... Discover one of the finest vineyards in the world !
Benedictine and Cistercian monks built the vineyard from the tenth to the fifteenth century. Then the dukes of Burgundy ennobled it from the fourteenth, carrying far its reputation outside our borders. Since then, the Burgundy wine has evolved. The monks built small stone walls (the "clos") to define strict plots of vines, plots corresponding among others to the geology so special, fragmented, which marks both the identity of the great wines of Burgundy. With these clos born the concept of "climate", a term specifically Burgundian The climate combines geology, soil types and subsoil, variety, weather, history, culture, area for vineyards ... allied to the expertise of the man of yesterday and today. In July 2015, the Burgundy vineyard climates joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage inscription sanctifying work combined of man and nature!

The vineyard Southeast

Provence is the ancient cradle of French viticulture. Although famous for its rosé wines, red and white wines are also excellent.This region is one of the most beautiful in France . It can discover by browsing the beautiful wine route .

Our stays will make you discover the luxury wine tourism in france !

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