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For your visit to Pattaya, you can enjoy the Premium Tour which is offered by pros of the city. The welcome tour consists of the first visit of the city to discover the centers of interest and to know the whole of the life in Pattaya. Moreover, travelers can enjoy nature, squares, the city center, people and why not meet friends during the few hours spent discovering this city.

Pattaya, between visit and attraction

With the 8 million visitors every year, there is no shortage of places to see and activities to do in the city of Pattaya. Walks, discovered in museums or temples, or lazing or partying by the beach everything is possible on this part of Thailand. Internationally famous seaside resort, Pattaya is located on the Golf de Siam. In the city center first, visitors can walk along two parallel streets that are Beach Road and Second Road with a perpendicular axis, the streets of Soi. On this side-so of the city, the animation is at its full. So this is a place made for people who like noise and frenetic activities. For those who wish to have peace, there is to the south Jomtien and to the north of the city Naklua.

Required visits

This corner of Thailand is very attractive especially for people who are looking for novelty and want to live at a good time. What's more, the tour of Pattaya is normally done on motorcycle or scooter rented in the many scooter rentals. This means of transport offers speed, freedom and especially security knowing that Pattaya has roads in very good condition. Admirable nature, visitors can go through the tropical garden to the east of the city. But do not miss the Mini-Siam, the miniature park. Otherwise for wildlife, the most exceptional is the crocodile park that always attracts hundreds of visitors per day. A little trip on an elephant! It is possible in the Elephant village, so many places that deserve to be seen.

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