Have you ever had the yacht experience ?

My Yacht Experience offers a variety of privately owned yachts for private and personalized charter in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area. Cruising the intracoastal areas with unsurpassed views of multi-million dollar estates and yachts with friends and family to relaxing aboard while anchored at a secluded island enjoying the south Florida sunshine and your favorite beverage, we are here to provide you and your guests with "the best day ever". From birthdays to marriages there is no better way to celebrate than aboard a private yacht with those special people in your life. Below are some of the experience i got:


This is one of the amazing experience ever .Moments are periods of time you cherish for ever. The expression of excitement or amazement are cited and the beauty of a sunset with loved ones giving you the zeal to come-back again for rental.


Another yatch experienced gotten are the memories you cannot forget. They are so special that they are remembered and talked about for ever. Taking in the views while sitting on the bow laughing and smiling with friends and family.


Yatch experience makes you connect with other people you were not expecting. Nevertheless it is worth notice that you found yourself in the mist of people coming to share your experience.


Relaxing aboard a Sea Ray sport yacht in comfort with uninterrupted privacy. From our location, the fun of South Beach or the extravagance of Palm Beach are only a day's sail away. You can personalize your experience, from a 3-hour tour to a multi-day vacation to the Florida Keys, the Bahamas or beyond. You have the option to sleep on-board or we can make resort accommodations on your behalf. Enjoy morning coffee watching the brilliant Florida sunrise or open a bottle of wine for romance under the stars. Book your private yacht getaway with friends, a unique business meeting for the office or make lasting memories with your entire family.


Experience pentatique is a sport practice onboard whereby you can participate in its competition. Several guest of all ages a being invited. These are the moment that are truly extraordinary get together for a social game or compete against others and let the fun overtake you.


You can enjoy a variety of launch offer by onboard chef that will design a pre-arranged to suit your culinary palate with paired wines by our sommeliers. Hence, yacht charter gives you the possibility to discover a variety of meal during launch hours.

Conclusively, i can say i’ve got an overwhelming experience that gave me the zeal to come again for more discoveries and fun.

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