Go and dive in Mexico !!

To follow the history of Mexico and the different civilizations that lived there, the evolution of tourism in the country was inevitable. The beauty of the environment and tourist sites encourages visitors to spend it throughout the year. But what specifically specifies Mexico is the existence of these magnificent coasts and seas which constitute immeasurable wealth.

The marine treasures of Mexico

Apart from the dolphins which constitute a main attraction in the seaside resorts of Mexico, the various species that live in the bottom of these transparent waters represent greater curiosity for the divers. Whether in the ocean or at the bottom of the fresh waters on the continent, diving remains an interesting activity. Moreover, there are currently several diving clubs that welcome visitors for remarkable discoveries. At this moment, there is no season for diving, all the year round the comings and goings of the tourists count in hundred. Aquatic plants, fish of all kinds, the majority of which are endemic and a most fabulous view are to be admired in the depths of the Mexican seas. For the next vacation, summer vacationers will enjoy diving in Mexico.

Where to do diving?

There are in principle two regions that are conducive to scuba diving in Mexico. First, there is Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya area on the Caribbean seaside. Being the tourist center of the Riviera, this seaside resort has more than fifteen diving sites which are all managed by professional guides and clubs. Among these spots, there is the famous cenote dos ojos in Tulum. This superb site is captivating because of the incredible sin cave crossed by a blue and crystalline water. The depth of the water can range from 10 to more than 40 meters. Otherwise, on the Pacific Ocean side, there is low California for a high class diving with the largest marine mammals. This is the perfect place for great photos and documentaries, and that's rightly so.

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