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Boat owners often find it hard to imagine renting their boat to a perfect stranger. Their biggest concern is that how do I know a renter will take care of my stuff? The flip side to this is that a renter doesn't want a boat that's not safe, or that can barely make it out of the marina. While there is a certain element of trust — buyer and seller reviews — with vetting for both renter and boat. If your product is good, you get a good review; if your buyer is good, he/she gets a good review. If either gets poor reviews, it's not likely they'll be able to continue to participate. The same concept is used for P2P boat rentals, with the addition that a renter is further vetted and the boat has to meet certain qualifications.

Knowledge about who’s renting my boat

I wouldn't rent my boat that is my pride and joy to someone I know nothing about, so P2P companies typically require renters to complete a questionnaire and affidavit, meet age requirements, have a valid driver's license, and possess a minimum of two years of boating experience. P2P companies also require that the owners receive a deposit from renters to cover contingencies like minor damage, missing life jackets, or failure to refuel the boat. In the end, though, it's the owner who has to feel comfortable renting to an individual, and there's really no standard format. Owners can talk to potential renters on the phone, meet them in person, or even take them out on a cruise around the marina until they're comfortable.

Available website for research

Renters can browse the P2P websites, which show pictures and descriptions of boats, along with reviews from previous renters, so they can be sure they're getting the right boat. Note that larger or faster boats, and those over ten years old, may have additional requirements before being accepted for listing, such as an inspection or survey from a qualified marine surveyor, which should help ensure a good experience.

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