Biarritz, the ideal destination for summer?

My mother went on vacation to Biarritz to spend a wonderful stay in peace and relaxation. She took advantage of an enchanting setting in a Biarritz rental to learn about the realities in terms of gastronomy, culture and entertainment, but also the quality of the beaches in Biarritz. She tells us about her experiences.

The truth of the plates

The dishes subtly reveal our provenance and our origin. Biarritz reveals its cuisine through the "ttoro" which is a specialty of the Basque coast. This very pleasant traditional soup is cooked with fish. This excellent soup full of proteins was the magic recipe of the fishermen who went to sea. This soup could contain different varieties of fish such as monkfish or hake. Conger was also present in this sensational dish. We sometimes found in this soup with a strong taste, depending on availability, seafood, but also crustaceans. Another tuna-based specialty is raging in this region. This special stew is called marmitako.

Basque cuisine is also known for its unmistakable piperade. You can also find a very spicy and exotic gastronomy through dishes such as axoa which are heavily seasoned with Espelette variety pepper produced in the region. These recipes will immediately make your mouth water. You will also find other specialties to titillate your palate such as Basque pork, Pyrenean black tomme and Pyrenean suckling lamb. You will be able to enjoy the blond Aquitaine beef and the mollusc called the squid. The youngest will surely taste Bayonne chocolate and Bayonne ham. The culinary art of Biarritz encompasses many desserts such as the Saint-Jean-de-Luz macaroon and ingredients such as pepper and sweet pepper to enhance the taste of the sauce.

The beautiful beaches of Biarritz

This magnificent rocky coast offers you a wonderful setting for activities by the sea. In Biarritz, you can sunbathe on the Miramar beach while your children have fun building sand castles. The Miramar beach is also a calm and exceptional beach which guarantees you an unrivaled distraction. The sun is at its height. The Grande Plage stretches from the Hôtel du Palais to Bellevue. This beautiful and huge beach has many shops and restaurants in its surroundings. You will also find beautiful beaches such as the Plage du Port-Vieux and the Côte des Basques beach which will bring you real satisfaction. Your children can also have fun on Marbella beach and Milady beach. To stay in Biarritz in comfort as close as possible to the beaches, opt for a holiday homes Biarritz.

Events that enhance the image of Biarritz

Biarritz is the site of many major events such as the Biarritz Cup Golf du Phare which takes place in July, as well as the competition called Roxy Jam Biarritz which brings together the surfing elite. This event welcomes nearly 500 athletes from different regions.

Biarritz is also the place to organize concerts and new shows. Festival Big de Biarritz raises the decibels with its electro rhythms. In September, this city hosts a concert of contemporary dance and rap. The month of October will be the receptacle of the theater festival.

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